Tan faster and darker in fewer sessions at Sunburst Tanning Co. You save time and money!


 Affordable, luxury indoor tanning

 Twice the lamp changes. Twice the tan!

 Bronzing reflector lamp technology

 Complimentary vanity area

 Complimentary lotion/eyewear storage

 Free Bottle Water every Wednesday!

 Free Lotion every Sunday!

 Free Tans with lotion purchases

 Free Tans when you refer friends

 Superior sanitation standards


We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon!



Michael Lipsky

Owner and Operator

Visiting Sunburst Tanning Co. is the easiest way to look great and feel confident about your body. As an official Smart Tan salon, we offer the deepest, darkest tan while educating our clients about sensible and moderate exposure to UV light.


Control the sun.

Tan indoors with us!